Jacky faces final verdict in Acapulco Shore 8: what time to watch episode 13

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Acapulco Shore He continues with more controversies, conflicts and fights in his great mansion. It is not for less. Being one of the series with the highest audience since its premiere in 2014, the chain decided to continue it for a total of 8 seasons. The last one is coming to an end, but there is still much to see. In fact, episode 13 will be very important for one character in particular. Here, we tell you all the details of this new installment and, in addition, we remind you of its opening hours.

How will episode 13 of Acapulco Shore 8 be?

The episode 13 from Acapulco Shore 8 It will be a before and after for Jacky. The most conflictive shore of the entire season will face the final verdict and it will be revealed whether or not she will leave the super mansion of Acapulco. What happened to her to get to this point? It is that after the supposed zone of peace that she had promised in previous chapters, the young woman returned to face one of her companions.

On this occasion, it happened with Jaylin. Although they had never fought, the last round trip was really terrifying and caused a lot of talk among the shore members. And, apparently, many already took by party. In fact, several of his classmates wanted him to Do, Jacky’s only ally, betray Jacky once and for all.

On the other hand, in the previous episode, Jacky tried to talk to Alba and also fixing her past conflicts, but she didn’t get too many responses. The truth is that today it will be known if in truth if she is willing to leave the mansion forever or promise again that she will not fight with any other of her companions.

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Opening time of episode 13 of Acapulco Shore 8

In the past week Acapulco Shore had to go out on a special schedule due to the MTV MIAW 2021, but already this Tuesday they return to their usual schedule. The episode 13 of the series can be seen at 10 P.M. throughout Latin America through the music channel and simultaneously through the Paramount + platform, where all previous seasons are also available.

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