Jacob Elordi confessed to his love to the protagonist of Modern Family

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Jacob Elordi He must be one of the most magnetic young actors today. From the hand of Euphoria consolidated like a star, but The Kisses Stand it was the tape he’s probably most grateful to. It is that, in full promotion of his new film, he was able to make a confession that he had saved for a long time.

The actor of Euphoria was as a guest of talk show from Jimmy Kimmel. As the comedian is on vacation, his place was occupied by different artists, and this time it was the turn of Julie Bowen, known for being one of the protagonists of Modern Family. Before the interview began, there was a certain nervousness in the environment.

For Jacob Elordi it was the first time he appeared at a talk show, While for Julie Bowen it was his first time like host. However, this was not the reason why the artist of The Kisses Stand I was so restless Therefore, the actress of Modern Family decided to ask him what was wrong with him.

At that moment, Elordi decided to tell him what was really going on. “I’m nervous about everything”, began the actor of Euphoria, then slide the real problem out of your discomfort. “I am a huge fan of yours. I actually had a crush with you when I was younger “, he assured Julie Bowen who, in response, went on his knees to where he was sitting Jacob and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

When will Euphoria return

In July 2019, just a few weeks after it was released, HBO confirmed that Euphoria would have a second season. The idea was that it would see the light in 2020, but the pandemic complicated the filming schedules and had to be postponed. Fortunately for the fans, two special episodes were shot, one focused on Rue and the other in Jules, which will serve as a bridge between the first installment and the second.

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The second season is already in the middle of the filming process. In fact, Jacob Elordi went to the set of talk show just the day when he did not have to record for the series headed by zendaya. In january Sam Levinson, the creator of Euphoria, he spoke with Filmmaker Toolkit and told that “The goal is to release all ten episodes this year”. It has not yet been confirmed when they will be able to be seen, but if it happens as with the specials, perhaps December is a date when the continuation of this series arrives.


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