Jacob Elordi Talks About his Nudes in Euphoria

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Jacob Elordi

A few weeks ago, Sydney Sweeney talked about her nudes in Euphoria and even made reference to the double standards that exist between women and men around this theme and now, his co-star Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate in the series also talks about what it was like to make these daring scenes.

In his last appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen Show, Jacob Elordi hinted that filming those scenes for Euphoria was humiliating. When asked by the host about his nudes, the actor said it’s “as weird as being naked in front of your family.”

He went on to explain that as he has done several times over the two seasons, ya is not so uncomfortable for him. Ellen also asked him if they consider his opinion in these scenes and Elordi without thinking said that he has no say in the matter.

“You have no choice. Every scene is like: You sleep with this person. He does this with this person, naked.” However, he added that within the Euphoria team there is an intimacy coordinator who is present in this type of shot and makes sure that the actors feel comfortable. He referred to her as “a second mom.”

The character of Jacob Elordi in Euphoria is one of the most naked along with Sydney Sweeney, in fact together they star in the most daring scenes of the series. In a previous interview, the actor also talked about the difference between working with Alexa Demie (Maddy) and Sydney Sweeney (Cassie).

About Alexa, he said his scenes were quite a drama and that he always had a combative attitude. He explained that his relationship with her was always about pushing everything to the limit and that each scene was interpreted as if it were a battle. Instead, Sydney said she thought of them “almost like she was in a romantic movie” and noted that the actress “is so good at what she does, it was a pleasure to work with her all the time.”

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