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Jaime Bryce marks his debut with the release of “Superior to Dracula”

The singer-songwriter Jaime Bryce marks his musical debut with the release of his first instrumental single “Superior to Dracula.” The artist is a well-known musician, composer and producer who for 10 years has been working with various groups in New York, United States.

After a period of long years in the United States, where he studied with professors of the stature of Gene Bertoncini and Ed Cherry, Jaime Bryce returns to Peru to boost his musical career with new proposals. Now your new theme is available

“´Superior a Drácula´ is an expression that my music teacher (Jorge Madueño) always used in his classes. It is a phrase he learned from a jungle musician who the first time he went to the cinema in his life he went to see the movie Dracula and it impacted him so much that since then everything worth celebrating was like this “, Bryce commented through a statement.

This entirely instrumental jazz single, where the guitar is the protagonist who is accompanied by drums and bass, was composed in “full lockdown due to a pandemic”, as Bryce says, who arrived in the country in February of this year.

“I sat down, used a chord progression that I had composed a while ago and put a melody to them. The melody came out half Peruvian. The rhythm of the song is a honeycomb. I didn’t want to use a cajon because I wanted a less determined sound. I remembered an excellent album that Carlos Hayre has with Alicia Maguiña in which they use drums instead of cajon and I decided to go that route ”, Jaime Bryce said.

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