Jaime Camil and Issabela Camil: how is their current relationship

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Jaime Camil He is one of the many Mexican actors who has triumphed in Hollywood. In fact, he has starred in the popular series Jane the Virgin, of the chain The CW, and, in addition, has participated in Broke. Meanwhile, his sister Find Camil made his career in Mexico and, in recent years, he also made the news for the relationship he had with Luis Miguel and that is portrayed in the idol series in Netflix.

But although they bear the same name, they are not blood brothers. The family relationship between them begins when the mother of Issabela, the American model Tony Starr, meet Jaime’s father, Jaime Camil Garza de Fernández. They both already had children of their own. In Tony Starr’s case, he already had Kali and Issabela Sotres and Melissa Trouyet, less than 10 years old each. Meanwhile, Jaime, had the actor just 5 years old.

Therefore, even though they are not biological siblings, they grew up together and developed a passion for acting around the same time. So much so that, in the 90s and after her relationship with the Mexican singer, Érika, (her real name) she decided to start calling herself Find Camil to boost his artistic career.

How is the current relationship of Jaime Camil and Issabela Camil

Jaime Camil has lived in the United States for several years (Photo: Getty)

The actors maintain a cordial and very brotherly relationship. In fact, they even worked together on television on the series The Most Beautiful Ugly. Despite their warm bond, the two live in different countries and that keeps them apart most of the time, especially after the coronavirus pandemic.

While Issabela lives in Mexico with her daughters, Antonia and Victoria, and her husband, the politician Sergio MayerJaime has been living in the city of Los Angeles, California, for several years now. It is there that he is developing most of his career at the moment. However, that does not mean that they do not continue to maintain the contact they have as if they were brothers.


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