Jaime Lorente: first-time father with a partner from ‘La casa de papel’

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The family of ‘The paper house grows’. Just on the day that the first part of the last fiction season is released, the fans of the series have received a very special news, which affects one of the protagonists of the fiction. As confirmed by the magazine ‘Hello!’, Jaime Lorente, who plays Denver in the Netflix production, is going to be a father for the first time.

The 29-year-old actor is expecting a child with a fictional partner, although, for now, not many details are known. Apparently, the interpreter recovered the illusion after his break with María Pedraza with this young woman, who works in the wardrobe department of the series. As revealed by the magazine, the couple is very excited about the news and they already know that it is a girl, whom They plan to call Amaia and that will be born around the month of November.

Lorente has always been very reserved with her private life, much more since she became an international star due to the overwhelming success of Netflix fiction. In fact, during his time with María Pedraza, the actor used to share some details of his private life, which sometimes led to speculation and rumors of estrangement. For this reason perhaps, it is now more prudent in this regard. The couple were together for two years, in which they were even caught in confinement.

Jaime Lorente
Jaime Lorente and María Pedraza in a file image, in the stage of confinement due to the coronavirus crisis / Gtres

A very special stage begins for the interpreter, who for now has not wanted to reveal the identity of his daughter’s mother. However, it is more than likely that you will meet, especially as the pregnancy progresses. Apparently, the couple has been in a relationship for a few months.

If on a personal level you are in a fantastic moment, it is no less so on a professional level. The interpreter is about to premiere the new season of ‘La casa de papel’, which, in two parts, puts an end to the successful fiction. In addition, he has been involved in important projects such as ‘Elite’, ‘El Cid’, ‘The Secret of Puente Viejo’ and ‘Who would you take to a desert island?’, Which have made him one of the most prominent names of national fiction.

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