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Jair Bolsonaro announced that he will not be vaccinated against the coronavirus: “My immunization is at the highest”

In a new controversy involving the Brazilian government in handling the pandemic, the president Jair Bolsonaro announced that he will not finally be vaccinated against the coronavirus. He decided after repeating ad nauseam that he would be “the last” Brazilian to receive the serum.

“I decided that I will no longer take the vaccine. I am seeing new studies, my immunization is on the highest. Why am I going to take the vaccine? “, Said the president to the radio Young panAnd he said: “It would be the same as playing 10 reais in the lottery to win 2. That doesn’t make sense.”

Bolsonaro’s decision did not take Brazilians by surprise. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has been skeptical of COVID-19 and went so far as to assure that the American vaccine Pfizer could transform people into “alligator”.

A government hacked by the pandemic

Since he contracted coronavirus in July 2020, Bolsonaro has been ensuring that his health tests reveal a high level of antibodies and that for this reason it was not necessary for him to be vaccinated. However, this hypothesis has been ruled out by experts.

His government has been widely criticized for its management of the health crisis in a country where the virus has already caused more than 600,000 deaths. Bolsonaro is against the mandatory nature of the vaccine and the health passport applied in several countries to access closed places.

“For me, freedom is above all. If the citizen does not want to take the vaccine, it is their right and the end point, “he said.

The vaccination campaign has so far reached almost 100 of the 213 million Brazilians with the complete scheme. Meanwhile, some 150 million received at least the first dose.

The questions against Bolsonaro from abroad

Bolsonaro’s refusal to be vaccinated has earned him much criticism abroad, especially during his visit to New York at the end of September on the occasion of the UN General Assembly, which recommended the immunization of participants.

On that trip, he was photographed eating a slice of pizza standing on a New York street, as local ordinances only allow immunized people into restaurants.

In addition, his management of the pandemic is investigated in a commission in the Senate, whose final accusatory report could be a hard blow for the president, who already has several judicial investigations open against him one year before the 2022 presidential elections in which will seek reelection.

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