Jair Bolsonaro made fun of the restrictions in Argentina and Alberto Fernández treated him as ignorant

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Jair Bolsonaro starred in a new crossing with Alberto Fernandez . The president of Brazil mocked the networks of the new restrictions announced on Wednesday night by the Argentine president and he came out to answer that “it would be necessary to explain a little how the Constitution works.”

“The Argentine Army in the streets to keep the people at home. Curfew between 8 and 8 o’clock. Good morning everyone, ”wrote the far-right president, who always opposed quarantines and other restrictive measures due to the pandemic in his country, even when he is going through the greatest hospital collapse in history .

In an interview with Radio 10 In which he defended the restrictions announced for 15 days in the AMBA, Alberto Fernández said that “it would be necessary to explain a little to Jair Bolsonaro how the Constitution works: in Argentina there is no curfew; in Argentina the Armed Forces do not carry out internal security ”.

“I have a great appreciation for our Army, our Navy and our Air Force, which have collaborated in a magnificent way in the pandemic; Nowis I have asked you to help me set up health posts so that we can increase testing and address any situation that needs to be addressed. The Army has highly trained doctors and nurses and that is what I have asked of them, “said the president about the role of the armed forces, which at the beginning of the pandemic also went out to distribute food in the suburbs.

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I have not declared a state of siege and I do not intend to do so“, he claimed. “The Armed Forces are not there to do internal security, but to give support to people in catastrophic situations.” “It is shocking that Bolsonaro says such a thing,” he concluded.

A history of crossovers and controversial statements between partners

Comparisons – and disqualifications – with our country are frequent in the rhetoric of Bolsonaro and his government. Just last week, the vice president Hamilton Mourao He described Argentina as an “eternal beggar” in a talk on fiscal responsibility.

We cannot escape the rules of fiscal responsibility. If we do, the country goes bankrupt and, if the country goes bankrupt, we will be like our neighbor to the south, like Argentina, an eternal beggar, ”he said.

In the same vein, the Minister of Economy, Paulo GuedesHe said a month ago that if Brazil makes bad economic policy decisions, it would take “six months to become Argentina and a year and a half to become Venezuela.”

The tensions between the Bolsonaro government and that of Fernández began from the moment that Bolsonaro firmly supported the reelection of Mauricio Macri during the 2019 electoral campaign in Argentina. “We are preparing for the worst,” Bolsonaro later said before Fernández took office.

The Argentine president answered him with equal harshness: “I am glad that he speaks ill of me: he is racist, misogynistic and violent.”

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The pandemic was another point that highlighted the differences between the two governments, since they had diametrically opposite responses. Bolsonaro minimized the severity of Covid-19 from the beginning, which he described as “little flu”And even appealed in court the social distancing measures adopted by governors and mayors, while Fernández opted at the beginning of the crisis for a rigid forty.

Despite the tensions, Argentina continues to be the Brazil’s third trading partner in the world and the first in the regionTherefore, in early March, Bolsonaro supported Argentina’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

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