James Bond: fans chose Daniel Craig’s successor

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After almost two years of delay, James Bond you’re ready to go back to the big screen. It will be with No Time To Die, which will mark the farewell of Daniel Craig as responsible for interpreting the Agent 007 for 15 years. With the next premiere, there will be five participations in total for the 53-year-old actor in this role, who has not yet defined the successor.

So far, seven actors have been able to play James Bond in the cinema, of which, according to Rotten Tomatoes, the best of all was Sean Connery. Critics consider that the three best films in the history of the British spy were those made between 1962 and 1964 by the actor who died in October last year. Despite the rumors, there is still nothing certain about who is responsible for continuing the legacy of the character that he will no longer play. Daniel Craig.

There are several candidates that appear on the horizon of the saga that belongs to MGM, now absorbed by Amazon Prime Video. In this context, since Spoiler a poll in which more than 100 people voted yielded an interesting result. Is that, the next tape of James Bond You could mark a milestone with your leading lady or continue the habit of looking for British white actors.

Tom Hardy, a favorite for some media, prepares for the Venom sequel. (IMDb)

Of the people who left their vote in the poll, there was a tie between Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy, with 35% of the votes. In the second place appeared Sam Heughan, the figure of Outlander, with 9% of the votes. The podium was shared between the possibility that Idris Elba | become the first African-descendant actor to be the British spy, or have a woman make history as the first actress to headline the franchise. For now, we will have to wait to see what direction the saga will take.

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A Marvel actor unexpectedly got into the fight for the role

In addition to the candidates who have been listed in the bookmakers for months to define the next James Bond, the place Express from England nominated a new figure. According to the mentioned website, Tom Hardy is the one with the best chances of keeping the role, but one of the brand-new figures of Marvel could convince the producers to be the new British spy.

Is about Simu Liu, the protagonist of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, who received very positive reviews for his work in the last premiere of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU). One of the advantages of this artist’s curriculum is his experience as a stunt double, which he brought to light in the fight scenes of the film of the MCU. However, he has an important disadvantage and that is that he is not of British nationality, which seems the non-negotiable condition for the owners of the rights of the saga.

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