James Bond: how much did the last movie cost and what does it take to avoid being a flop?

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After various delays and speculation, James Bond it’s ready to go back to theaters. On September 30, the last film in the saga called No time to Die will be released. With Daniel Craig once again on the skin of agent 007, this film has a duration of two hours and 43 minutes. In addition, for the farewell of the actor of this character, it can also be seen in 3D format and specials such as IMAX or 4D.

This tape is not one of the most anticipated just to see again James Bond in action, but also because Craig retires after five appearances. It was the same actor who confirmed that he would not return as the British spy and, therefore, the production has already set out to find another protagonist. The list of candidates is extensive and the public has already chosen a favorite.

However, it should be noted that Daniel will set the bar very high. This is due, first of all, to the fact that he is one of the best paid actors in this franchise, since according to what emerged, for the last film they would have offered him 150 million dollars. And also No time to Die is the most expensive of all the movies of James Bond.

James Bond is now ready to return. Photo: (MGM)

The British state agency Companies House assured that the costs of this production were an estimated 280 million dollars. In turn, the number of delays of the feature film by COVID increased this figure to about 314 million dollars.

But, as if this were not enough, to everything is money we must add the budget established for the promotion of the film, which according to said medium would be around 464 million. That is, to balance what was spent when producing once again at James Bond and to be considered a box office success, the collection of this closing of the cycle should be no less than 900 million dollars.

What’s more, the agreement with MGM establishes that the production will obtain 50% of the income at the box office. So much so that, in order to earn more than what was invested, the aforementioned price would be the only one that could equal so much expense.

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