James Cameron explains how Skynet could destroy all of humanity

James Cameron has recently sat in front of the microphones of the BBC to give his opinions regarding the future of cinema in 2022, and to everyone’s surprise, the future does not look very bright either on the big screen or on the real screen.

During his talk, Cameron talked about how the film industry is to blame for the fact that currently, real technological advances are increasingly dystopian.

And it’s no surprise; having created Terminator in 1984, every robotic breakthrough in science has been questioned with a “This is how Skynet would tear us apart”.

However, for James the reality is that Skynet would not need to use violence or nuclear bombs; as he shared in his interview, the only thing that artificial intelligence would have to do is make use of disinformation, fake news, conspiracy, and social networks.

How? Simply by using “deep fakes” that make people believe that certain personalities and opinion leaders say something to confuse the population and confront them.

Not bad, for the creator of one of the most feared apocalypses in futuristic history. And you guys, how do you think Skynet would do it? For us, it’s already doing it…

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