James Cameron regrets being a “tyrant film director”

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James Cameron is one of the directors who has best met the tastes and preferences of the public with the recognition of international critics at the great prizes. Only a filmmaker like him can demystify the saying that second parts were never good through titles like Aliens O Terminator 2: Doomsday. However, behind every great director there are usually controversies that occur on the set. Conflicts that, added to the nervousness and perfection on the part of the project leader, lead to behaviors that are far from what should be a healthy relationship at work. Therefore, in a recent interview, James Cameron regrets having been a tyrant film director years ago.

From his past, many of his former collaborators have given him niceties such as “he is known on set for his dictatorial and uncompromising manner.” There is also the urban legend in which he claims that someone tried to “get rid” of him on the set of Titanic. Cameron treated the technical and artistic team with kicks, scolding anyone who made a mistake and firing a lot of people. That is why it is not surprising that someone put the angel dust drug in the team’s food, hospitalizing seventy-eight technicians. In one of the Master Class talks collected by Slash Film, Cameron acknowledged that his behavior could have been much better: “I could have listened more. It could have been less autocratic. Could have tried that human interaction was more important than the movie”. In addition to the heartfelt speech, Cameron added his admiration for Ron Howard, marking him as the best crew chief he had ever seen. “I aspire, even today, to try to find my inner Ron Howard.”

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Regardless of Cameron’s regret, there are many directors whose little elegance is known within the filming and if one reviews their filmographies, they are the most successful audiovisual narrators in history: Stanley Kubrick, Sam Peckinpack, Orson Welles…each has been a tyrant film director, which leads us to wonder Is it worth not “making friends” in order to create the best possible story?

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