James Cameron’s Discovery: The Astonishing Truth about the Titan Submarine Revealed Since Last Monday

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James Cameron: The Filmmaker’s Revelation

The renowned filmmaker, James Cameron, made a shocking confession that he was aware of the fate of the Titan and its crew since last Monday. However, it was only confirmed by the US on Thursday, June 22, that the submarine from OceanGate had suffered a “catastrophic implosion”, resulting in the tragic loss of all five crew members.

“I Sent Emails, We’ve Lost Some Friends”

Reacting to Rear Admiral John Mauger’s announcement regarding the submarine’s “catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber” and the Navy detecting a strong implosion sound on Sunday, Cameron, the director of ‘Titanic’, revealed his prior knowledge. “I knew it would implode. I sent emails to everyone I know. I said we’ve lost some friends. The sub has imploded, it’s on the bottom in pieces right now. I sent it on Monday morning.”

Concerns in the Marine Environment

Cameron also expressed the immediate concern within the marine community upon hearing the news. He highlighted the unprecedented nature of a vehicle implosion with people inside. “There has never been an implosion of a vehicle with people in it. And so I think that this, I don’t want to say that it surprised the community, because there was a lot of concern. And by the community, I mean the people who operate subs and build subs for a living.”

An Urgent Plea to Certify Safety

Furthermore, Cameron emphasized the extent of worry surrounding the team and the submarine, which led to him not being directly involved due to his ongoing movie project. Concerned individuals came together and penned a letter to OceanGate, urging them to ensure the safety of future dives. The letter labeled the situation as irresponsible and potentially catastrophic. The letter, which has been made public, prompted those who signed it to withdraw their involvement.

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