“James Corden Embraces Ridiculousness of Hosting His Own Talk Show”

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James Corden Reflects on His Talk Show

James Corden, the former host of ‘The Late Late Show’, recently opened up about his time hosting the American talk show. Despite having spent eight years at the helm, Corden still thinks it’s ‘ridiculous’ that he was given the job in the first place.

As he told Heat magazine, he doesn’t understand the fact that someone like him, who has never interviewed anyone or told jokes in a monologue, ended up hosting such a popular talk show. He further reminisced, “I just don’t know what I’ve done to really deserve these memories.”

Big Adjustments for Corden

Corden confessed that walking away from the show was a big adjustment, especially since they did 1,200 episodes in eight years. He believed that one day he would sit down and wonder if it really happened. He also admitted that when the show started, there was a part of him that waited for it to be canceled.

However, Corden eventually made his peace with it, knowing that TV shows get canceled all the time. He even shared the fact that an American network did eight episodes of a version of ‘Gavin and Stacey’ that didn’t feature Ruth and him, and the show never aired.

Retiring at the Right Time

Despite all the success of ‘The Late Late Show,’ Corden still considered leaving after five years. Still, he ultimately decided to continue as the show’s performance was doing well. He even had Michelle Obama on his show for ‘Carpool Karaoke.’

Now that he retired from the show, Corden believes he did it at just the right time. He shared, “It’s a lot of TV! Not doing that is going to be a big adjustment.”

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With his trademark humor and infectious personality, Corden brought life to ‘The Late Late Show’, and his fans will undoubtedly miss him.

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