James Gunn anticipated many deaths in the Suicide Squad

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Yes OK James Gunn has a history in the superhero genre, with entries like Guardians of the Galaxy Y Super, the filmmaker was not spared criticism regarding the current situation of this class of films. Gunn last week stated that most of these films are “Fools” Y “boring”. Harsh words that opened the debate and, obviously, generated controversy.

The director suggested that the genre could suffer the same fate that westerns had in the past and disappear if there is no injection of new blood in these kinds of stories. In a clip to promote his entry into the DC Extended Universe, The Suicide Squad, Gunn expanded on these concepts.

How many characters die in The Suicide Squad?

James Gunn says superhero movies don’t have high stakes and that’s not the case with his version of the Suicide Squad. The producers gave him free rein to kill any character and that amuses him. Everything indicates that the filmmaker took it seriously and many members of the Task Force X they will not reach the end of the tape.

“A lot of people think I’m going to kill Harley Quinn… who knows?”asked the director with a knowing smile. In the original movie of David Yesterday, the team members were implanted with bombs in their heads in case they tried to escape. Slipknot made the attempt and Amanda Waller detonated the explosive. Goodbye head!

The new delivery also includes implanted pumps and Viola Davis he said about it: “I really push the button really, really hard.” while leaving a disturbing laugh that spreads concern for the group of villains who, in addition, will face Starro. The film will hit theaters and HBO Max August 6th!

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