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James Middleton's Most Chaotic Moments

James Middleton’s Most Chaotic Moments

Despite the controversies, James Middleton’s Nice Cakes didn’t exactly achieve great success. A guest at a Hello! magazine party who tasted one of his cakes told the Daily Mail that it tasted “very much like they had come from a supermarket.” According to The Standard, the company failed to turn a profit in its first three years and ended the third year with a substantial loss. Nonetheless, Kate Middleton’s brother remained optimistic. In 2013, he told The Telegraph that he wasn’t concerned about the company’s lack of profitability, seeing it as a natural phase in the life of a startup, as per E! News. A family member even paid off a $25,775 business debt to help keep Nice Cakes afloat. Unfortunately, the business did not succeed in the end, and the Daily Mail reported that it shut down in 2017.

Things weren’t much better with Boomf either. Initially, James told the Daily Mail in 2018 that he had made a handsome profit. However, things went south after that. Despite financial backing from high-profile investors, Boomf experienced a significant £2 million loss in 2022, according to The Standard. Later in 2022, Express reported that James sold Boomf, with the company carrying a reported debt of £800,000 at the time. However, these financial struggles did not dampen James’ entrepreneurial spirit, as he launched his dog food company, Ella & Co, in 2020.

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