“James Wan Reveals Biggest Obstacle Faced by James Gunn’s Film Reboot”

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Aquaman 2: James Wan’s Biggest Obstacle

In recent weeks, the news about DC has focused on the search for the new Superman for the reboot of the franchise that James Gunn and Peter Safran are already working. Superman: Legacy will be the turning point, but before this work reaches theaters, the brand has some premieres pending that it still does not explain as part of the new line or as elements that were left over after the passage of Zack Snyder and Walter Hamada.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is one of the most curious, as it has too many questions surrounding it, although director James Wan assured that the biggest obstacle they had to face was precisely the arrival of the person responsible for The Suicide Squad (91%).

Momoa’s work was one of the most outstanding and only dignified more with the premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League (82%). This powerful underwater hero, who in recent years had only served as a point of ridicule and an excuse for memes about his love for fish, soon regained his status as a DC pillar thanks to the actor.

A Successful Solo Movie

A solo movie about the character was simply mandatory since that Snyder was proposing to the main team and James Wan approached Warner Bros. with a proposal for an adaptation that would eventually be released in 2018. Aquaman (73%), along with Wonder Woman (92%), were proof that the DCEU needed to open its doors to other creators, and although Wan came from making horror movies like The Conjuring (86%) or Saw: The Macabre Game (48%), and other action movies like Fast and Furious 7 (79%), His style contributed a lot to the canon and to the saga in general.

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Momoa’s work worked well, although several approaches established by Snyder had to be left behind to adapt to the character, but the public did not have much problem committing to the new and updated version. Besides everything, the work of Patrick Wilson , Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Amber Heard was well received by the fans, although this sense of order did not last long when the interpreter of Mera came into conflict with her ex-husband , Johnny Depp.

The Challenges of Making Aquaman 2

For months there was talk of all the conflicts that had to be resolved so that the sequel, already announced, approved and scripted, could be filmed finally. It was said that the role of Mera would be in the background to focus on the relationship between the leading brothers, the return of Ben Affleck as Batman for a cameo was confirmed, and it was explained that the story would undergo some changes to adapt to the new DC’s needs, but none of this has remained fixed and everything has led to more gossip, including the fact that the final cut is not made because David Zaslav is not convinced by the director’s proposal.

Now, James Wan himself, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter talks for the first time about the real problem behind the film and its relationship to Gunn’s arrival at the helm: I had to make adjustments along the way. The DCU has gone through many different iterations, and one of the most challenging things about this movie was keeping track of what was going on. Fortunately, Aquaman’s universe is pretty far removed from the rest of the world.

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The director explained that he had to be aware of the changes to know what would be canon and what not, although he did not confirm if he had talks with James Gunn about the future of the character in the renewed DCU. It has long been said that Jason Momoa was ready to leave the Aquaman character behind and that the new leaders of the brand would give him a new one, but then the actor assured that he still hopes to develop the hero in this renewed cinematic universe.

The Future of Aquaman

Nothing is clear about this sequel and it is certain that the arrival of its first official advance will not change things much, since it is Gunn and Safran who have to confirm if they will rescue this character together with The Flash and Blue Beetle, or if they will be forgotten. at the moment when their respective premieres pass and Warner Bros. Discovery finishes counting the box office revenue.

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