Jami Gertz Net Worth – Know Her Assets, Investments, and Other Details

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American actor Jami Gertz is a known face in the industry. She has been associated with the entertainment business for decades and has taken several titles throughout her onscreen career. Besides her celebrated screen presence, Jami is also known for being among the richest actors in the industry.

Yes. You heard it right!

So, how rich is Jami Gertz, and how did she make all the money? Read this article to find out everything about her net worth.

What is Jami Gertz’s Net Worth?

As stated, Jami is one of the wealthiest actresses in the American entertainment industry. As per a few reports, her net worth sits at a whopping $8 billion as of 2024. Such a gigantic net worth makes her really rich. Some reports suggest that this fortune includes some of her husband’s investments. In 2018, her net worth was reported to be $500 million. Since then, it has grown exponentially.

Jami is married to billionaire and philanthropist Tony Ressler, and together, they have made many investments across the different businesses.

What Do Jami Gertz’s Investments Look Like?

Are you wondering how the Hollywood actress acquired such handsome wealth?

Jami and her husband have made collective investments across various ventures that help them generate a fortune now and then. Reportedly, she and her Tony opened a new avenue of income after purchasing a part of the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. Besides this, the couple holds a minority stake in Wisconsin’s NBL team, the Milwaukee Brewers. Furthermore, her acting career keeps supplementing the generous flow of income for the actress.

What Does Jami’s Husband Do?

Although Jami is a successful actress in her own right, some reports suggest that a majority of her wealth could be traced back to her husband. On the contrary, some reports condemn these assumptions about the actress. According to them, Jami was the actual breadwinner of the family in their initial days. She paid for the couple’s early vacations and even bought the first home in LA.

When the two exchanged vows in 1989, Tony’s employer, Drexel Burnham Lambert, was in the middle of many financial collapses in Wall Street history. Shortly, a year after their marriage, Tony founded Apollo Global with three former co-workers from Drexel. Tony Ressler is the co-founder of both Apollo Global Management and Ares Management. These companies are worth $500 billion and $300 billion, respectively. In 2017, Tony stepped down from the CEO to executive chairman of Ares Management.

As per Forbes, Tony Ressler is the 108th wealthiest man in America. The sky is the limit for the businessman.

Jami and Tony are a Charitable Couple

While Jami and Tony are blessed with an impressive fortune, they are equally responsible to the people and society around them. The couple is immensely charitable with their money. As per some reports, Tony has donated millions to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Cedars-Senai Medical Center.

In 2012, the Giving Back Fund named the couple as the number one donor to charity compared to any other celebrity after they gave away a whopping $10 million donation to Ressler-Gertz Foundation. This foundation focuses on the arts, education, health, and Jewish organizations.

Jami Gertz’s Acting Career

Jami rose to popularity and fortune following her celebrated acting career. She became prominent in the industry in the 1980s with roles in movies like Less Than Zero, Crossroads, and The Lost Boys. In these movies, the actress demonstrated her versatile acting skills.

Her acting stint doesn’t include only movies, but television too. After delivering successful films at the box office, Jami transitioned successfully to television. She became a popular TV face in the early 1990s. Her best TV works include Square Pegs, Seinfeld, and Ally McBeal.

From 2002 to 2006, Jami acted as a lead in the sitcom Still Standing. Afterward, she starred as Debbi Weaver in another science fiction sitcom called The Neighbors from 2012 to 2014. She has had recurring roles on Difficult People and This Is Us.

Jami’s Business Ventures

In addition to her acting laurels, Jami is also a successful businesswoman and has invested in various companies. Reportedly, she is the founder and owner of JG&A, LLC. It is a consulting firm providing entrepreneurship advice and guidance for start-up companies. She was also the co-founder of Henry Rose, a lifestyle collection of well-crafted home goods, accessories, and apothecary items. Jami advises many high-profile tech companies, including Zinc Health as a strategic advisor on Women’s Health Initiatives and Women@Work Ventures as an Advisory Board Member.

Jami Hertz’s Assets and Investment

The couple enjoys a luxurious life and has made various investments to reap the same. Their primary homes are located in Beverly Hills and Malibu. Their Beverly Hills home rests within the most exclusive gated community, sitting at the top of a mountain with 360-degree views of Los Angeles.

As per tax records, their home is worth at least $30 million. However, on the open market, it may be closer to $50 million. Their second home in Malibu sits above Broad Beach. It is one of the most desirable parts of that area. Besides these, they have luxury homes in California, New York, and Manhattan.

Jami is a connoisseur of art, and being a passionate art collector, she owns a collection of valuable paintings and sculptures. Another part of her assets includes her extensive jewelry collection featuring high-end jewelry such as rings, diamonds, and bies from top brands. The couple is also fond of cars, and their fleet of luxury cars includes names like Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley.

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