“Jamie Foxx’s team refutes vaccine blame for his health issue”

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Jamie Foxx Hospitalization Denial of COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

Representatives for Jamie Foxx have denied recent conspiracy theories that the actor’s hospitalization is due to the COVID-19 vaccine. These rumors alleged that the vaccine left Foxx “partially paralyzed and blind.” In a statement to NBC News, Foxx’s current voice stated that the allegations were “completely wrong.”

The rumor surrounding the reason for Foxx’s illness arose on May 30 after Hollywood columnist AJ Benza exposed that Jamie was forced to receive the COVID-19 vaccine while filming. Benza claimed that Foxx developed a “blood clot in the brain” after receiving the vaccine, which wreaked havoc on his health.

Although Foxx’s representatives refuted the claims, this did not stop the anti-vaccination conspiracy theory from spreading online. Political commentator Candace Owens also spread the theory on her YouTube podcast, suggesting that Benza’s accusations may be true because no one in Foxx’s family denied it at the time.

It is important to note that speculation surrounding Jamie’s health arose after his hospitalization in April due to a “medical complication.” Weeks later, his daughter Corinne Foxx shared a statement on social media to silence the rumors. She shared that her father was already on the road to recovery and requested privacy for the family during that time.

Jamie Foxx broke his silence on social media on May 3 when he thanked fans for their support. His daughter also rebuked the claims that the family was “preparing for the worst” and revealed that the actor had been out of the hospital for “weeks.” She also announced that an exciting job announcement would be made the following week.

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In conclusion, Jamie Foxx’s representatives deny the conspiracy theory that his hospitalization results from the COVID-19 vaccine. His daughter wants to reinforce that the actor is already on the road to recovery and is looking forward to new projects.

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