Jamila Dahabreh is caught kissing a young businessman, but the model assures that they are just friends – El Comercio

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Days after Álvaro Paz de La Barra described the rumors of romance with Jamila Dahabreh as a “nonsense”, the model was caught kissing a 24-year-old on the streets of Surco.

This is Piero Francisco Granda Chávez, a young businessman who appears as the general manager of two companies, and who also owns an apartment located in the Cerros de Camacho.

But not everything would be rosy. “Magaly TV: La Firme” also revealed the police record of the new suitor of the member of the ‘Girls of Tulum’.

In 2018, he starred in a police chase when he was driving a truck while intoxicated. As a result of this incident, his driver’s license was definitively canceled.

That same year, he was intervened for acts of vandalism in a shopping center in La Molina. In addition, his neighbors denounced him for unloading construction material in the common area of ​​a condominium.

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