Jana Kramer Contemplated Surrogacy as an Option Before Conceiving: A Candid Confession

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Jana Kramer Contemplated Surrogacy Before Getting Pregnant

Country singer Jana Kramer has revealed that she considered surrogacy before becoming pregnant with her third child. The 39-year-old star recently announced that she is expecting her first child with fiancé Allan Russell, but Jana also confirmed that she previously looked at other options in her bid to have a baby.

Speaking on her ‘Whine Down’ podcast, Jana said that she struggled with the idea: “I said, ‘We can do IVF and surrogate her,’ but then I miss out on having that, enjoying that pregnancy with someone I know is faithful and I love and experience that and have that moment that always should have been. So I struggled with myself about it.”

Jana has two children, four-year-old Jace and seven-year-old Jolie, with ex-husband Mike Caussin. She finally realised that she didn’t ‘need’ to have another child: “I have two beautiful and healthy children. I don’t need another one.”

Earlier this month, Jana also revealed that she was doubtful if she could have another child, after suffering heartbreaking miscarriages in the past. She told PEOPLE magazine, “I had miscarriages, so I didn’t even know if it was possible. I’m like, yeah, it would be beautiful for us to create something because I love this man… I thought, well, I’m going to be 40 in December, so I thought, we have a month to try. Literally a month.”

Jana described her pregnancy as ‘a really beautiful thing’, and said that it is everything she wanted and more. She added that Allan was incredibly supportive throughout the process, writing her a sweet note that said, “You deserve the happy ending.”

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