“Jane Fonda creates viral moment by throwing award over Justine Triet’s head on stage”

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Jane Fonda Makes Headlines at Cannes Film Festival

Jane Fonda caused a stir last Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival after Justine Triet won the Palme d’Or for Anatomy of the Fall. Fonda, who was chosen to reveal the winner and award the distinction, noticed that Triet forgot the parchment certificate on the lectern after her speech. Fonda quickly grabbed the scroll and threw it at the director, but unfortunately hit her at the back of the head. Despite the mishap, Fonda’s shot made waves on Twitter and drew attention to her style and design choices for the night.

Fonda’s Appearance at the Festival

The two-time Oscar winner spent the last weekend in Cannes, documenting her experience through her Instagram account. She posed for photos with fellow celebrities and enjoyed her time at the festival. Her appearance came after she revealed her cancer diagnosis to her followers in September 2022. After undergoing several chemotherapy sessions, Fonda announced that she was in remission in December of that year.

Fonda’s Interview at Cannes

In a recent interview at Cannes, Fonda reflected on her career and activism. While discussing her role in the series Grace & Frankie, Fonda stated that she does not feel like she is “part of Hollywood” and does not attend the parties often associated with the industry. She also offered advice to women struggling to break into the industry, encouraging them to be strong and stand up for themselves diplomatically. Fonda acknowledged that she had made mistakes in the past by not building relationships in the industry but emphasized the importance of relating to others.

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