Jane Fonda: Everyone Sent me Vibrators Has a Drawer Full of Sex Toys

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Jane Fonda

If Jane Fonda has been characterized by something since she began her career, more than 60 years ago, it is for her absolute sincerity.

The actress, the winner of two Oscars (and nominated a total of seven times), has never had hairs on her tongue when it comes to talking about feminism, ecology, paternal-filial relationships – it should be remembered that her father was the star of the screen Henry Fonda – and, of course, sex. The 84-year-old has done it again now, leaving one of her juicy headlines by recalling a recent anecdote.

One of Jane Fonda’s latest jobs has been to get into the skin of Grace Hanson in the series Grace and Frankie, which she stars alongside Lily Tomlin – 82 – and who has already been on Netflix for seven seasons. In it, the two women discover that their two husbands, co-workers for two decades, are also lovers. A comedy series that has been evolving (it has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards) and where both are the great protagonists.

In one of the plots of the third season, the two friends set up a company of erotic toys intended for older women. And now, in a video released by the platform to say goodbye to that last season, Fonda has said that this has brought him curious consequences.

“I’m a big fan of vibrators,” the actress says in the video. And, when recalling those sequences, he also tells what happened to him after its broadcast. “At Christmas, everyone sent me vibrators,” explains the interpreter. “It’s very funny, you’d have to see the drawer on my bedside table,” he adds.

The final chapters of Grace and Frankie will arrive this Friday, April 29, with Dolly Parton as a special guest on the latest episode. The series has become one of the few where two women who are no longer young have achieved prominence, something very uncommon in the panorama of current broadcasts.

The promotion of this latest installment has made Fonda grant several very interesting interviews, where he has spoken, among other things, about the figure of his father. A few days ago she said that one of the most important experiences of her life was to produce the film The Golden Pond, in which Henry Fonda and she also played a father and his daughter.

“My father was sick and I knew he wasn’t going to live much longer. Making that film was a way to address our very complicated relationship,” he explained a few days ago in Vanity Fair. “Working with my father was like living with him: you didn’t get a lot of information.

He didn’t talk too much. He didn’t want to be bothered. But you always noticed his presence,” he reflects. “Put yourself in my place. I was a daughter who totally revered a father who never verbalized love or affection, who was extremely depressed. And then I get to produce his film and act alongside him. And I get the script to make us tell us things that we would never have been able to tell ourselves in real life. And that film reconciles us. And not only that: that film that I produce ends up giving him an Oscar. I’m so grateful to have had that opportunity. He died five months later, but I have that movie. I have that experience with him.”

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