Jane Fonda says Jennifer Lopez saved her career

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Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda credits Jennifer Lopez with resurrecting her career after 15 years without a role.

The actress, 84, made the claim while talking about her long artistic career as a performer, activist and fitness guru.

Despite her iconic status, Jane said it wasn’t until her role alongside JLo, 53, in the 2005 film Monster-in-Law that her career took a new flight.

Although critics mocked her, Jane surprisingly considered the film to be “the only smart thing” she had done in her career.

Before her, she hadn’t starred in a movie since 1990, when she played the title character of Stanley and Iris, alongside Robert De Niro.

The two-time Academy Award winner was quoted in the Daily Mirror as saying: “The biggest stroke of luck was getting the role in ‘Monster-in-Law’ at a point in my career where I hadn’t acted for 15 years or more. It was with Jennifer Lopez and it meant a great comeback for me. I was almost 65 years old when I received this script out of thin air. It was the only smart thing I did in my career. I thought, ‘People are going to see the movie for JLo, but they’ll rediscover Fonda,’ and they did.”

After the role with Jennifer, the actress got roles such as Nancy Reagan, in ‘The Butler’ and Grace Hanson, in ‘Grace and Frankie’, netflix.

Jane has also said she feels younger at 84 than she does at 20. She recently admitted that she felt “lost” when she was younger and was “very unhappy, old and didn’t feel like she was going to live long.”

But he has said he regrets having undergone a facelift in a battle to reverse the effects of time on his face.

The Hollywood star admitted that she is “not proud” of the operation and that she would not have one again: “I had a facelift and stopped doing it because I don’t want to have a distorted look. I’m not proud to have become one. Now, I don’t know if I had to do it again if I would. But I did. I admit it.”

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