“Jane Seymour’s Heartwarming Family Portrait: ‘Doctor Quinn’ Star Celebrates Special Occasion”

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Jane Seymour Participates in Open Hearts Foundation Gala

Dressed in pink and surrounded by her loved ones, Jane Seymour appeared at the Open Hearts Foundation Gala this weekend. Held in Rancho Calamigos, located in the heart of Malibu wine country, this event is especially important to Jane as she is one of the co-founders of the organization.

Private Cocktail Party

Jane Seymour held a private cocktail party at her Malibu residence a day before the gala. She has been responsible for organizing the party herself.

Jane Seymour’s Family Members Accompany Her

The protagonist of the famous series Doctor Quinn was accompanied by her family members, who celebrated this special day with her. The actress posed with her current partner David Green as well as some of her four children. Her granddaughter Willa also joined her on this special day.

Jane Seymour’s Past Relationships

Jane Seymour has been married four times in the past. Her first marriage was with Michael Attenborough, son of Richard Attenborough, and lasted for two years. She then married Geoffrey Planer but their union only lasted for one year. David Flynn was Jane’s third husband. They had two children, Katherine and Sean, but divorced due to Flynn’s infidelity. Her fourth and final marriage was with James Keach.

Jane Seymour’s Current Relationship with David Green

Jane Seymour never lost confidence in love despite her past failures. She met David Green after separating from James Keach, and the couple has been together ever since. There are no plans for marriage at the moment, although they have been together for almost four decades.

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Jane Seymour’s Successful Career

At 72 years old, Jane Seymour has one of the longest careers in the film and television industry. After making her film debut at 22, she became a Bond girl and even posed for Playboy several times. However, it was her role as Dr. Quinn that made her a television icon.

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