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Janet Barboza tries to flirt with Guty Carrera and ‘Giselo’ reminds her that it may be her grandson – MAG.

Guty Carrera upset the studios of “América Hoy” after visiting for the first time the magazine hosted by Ethel Pozo, Janet Barboza and Edson Dávila. The ‘Potro’ received several compliments from the conductors, especially from the popular ‘Rulitos’.

Ethel you will agree with me, but not every morning, one has the fortune and the happy eyes of seeing a face like Guty Carrera with that hat “Janet commented without imagining that her partner would ‘pop the balloon’.

“Madam please can it be your grandson, a little respect please”, said the conductor better known as ‘Giselo’.

His statements caused the discomfort of the host, who asked the production to silence the microphone of ‘Giselo’ considering that it does not contribute much to the magazine. “You know what, shut up already? Please silence him, he does not drive, he does not say anything that adds to us “, he questioned.

The impasse did not stop there. The popular ‘Rulitos’ continued to praise the beauty of the ‘Potro’ whom she compared to the actor in the novel “Pasión de Gavilanes”, Mario Cimarro. Guty Carrera said that the ranchero hat was what probably made him stand out, and that if ‘Giselo’ wore it, the same would happen; however, Barboza said that his partner would look like a “corn”.

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