Janet Barboza was vaccinated live against COVID-19 | VIDEO

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Janet Barboza He surprised everyone after not appearing this Monday morning on the set of “América Hoy”, a program that he hosts with Ethel Pozo and Melissa Paredes; But his absence had an understandable reason and that is that the presenter was vaccinated against COVID-19.

From Essalud’s Playa Miller vaccination center, located in Jesús María, the popular ‘Rulitos’ appeared in a live link with the aforementioned space and announced the happy news. “I am very happy because I am going to receive my first dose”Janet said happily.

The cheerleader recalled that due to the pandemic lost three of his uncles and indicated that “A lot of family, very close, is still suffering” with the coronavirus. “There is an extremely sensitive fiber for me (with this subject)”, he stated.

“But it is a moment of great joy also because I am going to receive the expected first dose that tells us that life has to go on”, she said and immediately the health personnel proceeded to immunize her.

“The vaccine is life”, finished Janet Barboza and showed her vaccination card. In addition, he issued a recommendation to all people who have already been immunized with the first dose: “Do not stop coming to (receive) your second dose.”

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