Janick Maceta explodes against Mauri Stern after harsh comment to the participant: “I’m processing all that poison you have”

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In the recent broadcast of “I Am: Great International Battles”, Janick Maceta showed his discomfort with his partner Mauri Stern, after he harshly criticized the imitator of Ezio Oliva.

After his presentation, the Mexican artist questioned that ‘Ezio Oliva’ chose to face the imitator of ‘Axl Rose’.

“It makes me curious. Where did you think of challenging ‘Axl Rose’, I’m going to tell you one thing, the artist by nature requires an emotional and artistic intelligence, and here how you play your decks, well it is the possibility of passing or not. Where did it occur to you that you could face these champions? “ Stern commented to the surprise of his colleagues.

Cristian Rivero intervened to highlight that he noticed Janick uncomfortable.“You talk and Janick shakes her head from side to side, like she is suddenly affected”commented the driver.

“I’m saving myself a little bit because sometimes I have to process all that poison that you have to throw away”, replied the sound engineer surprising the former Magnet. I liked that, poison ”, Mauri said.

Finally, the beauty queen offered her appreciation on the Ezio Oliva impersonator show. “Unlike my partner Darth Vader (Mauri), I do applaud the fact that you have risked battling such greats as Axl Rose”he told the contestant.

“I liked your presentation. I feel that you came in with a bit of nerves and played against you with the energy, technical problems of tuning and the color of the voice I did not notice so similar to that of the real Ezio “, he bounded.

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“On the other hand, Axl Rose, I am not going to be like Mauri who loves you, I am more aware of you. I had an outstanding debt with you, because I wanted you to take more consideration in the technical failures that you were having. I feel like they failed in the tuning, then they gave us a show we’re used to and I applaud that too ”, the young woman said.

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