January 16, International Beatles Day

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Every January 16, International Beatles Day is celebrated, as many fans consider the opening day of the Cavern Club, where they made their debut. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison Y Ringo Starr, is the date that should be considered as the official day of the group.

Other calendar dates for The Beatles

However, another large number of followers, and more specifically the British, claim that The Beatles Day is July 6, date in which Lennon and McCartney, the founders of the band, met.

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There is also talk of July 10th, also considered as the Day of The Beatles because it was on July 10, 1964 when the band returned to Liverpool in triumph from their US tour, just to shoot the premiere of his film A Hard Day’s Night.

Why The Beatles are a universal phenomenon

The musical group The Beatles that was born in England, achieved great importance at a time and especially in a historical moment of turbulence.

The 1960s were known as one of the most complex moments regarding the issue of war and peace. The world was recovering from the disastrous World War II, and in the midst of this upheaval, the United States decided to start a war in Vietnam.

These four members who started as a pop group with a touch of Rock and Roll, invaded the screens of the world with lyrics that spoke of equality, peace and how to make a much better world for everyone. coming to be perceived as the embodiment of the progressive ideals of the new times, extending its influence to the social revolutions, the hippie movement and the entire culture of the 60s.

Other curious facts about The Beatles

  • The Beatles planned to buy their own utopian island: the idea corresponded to Lennon, and the island would remain on the Athenian coast. However, they never did, and the boys’ utopian society remained another great ideal that never materialized.
  • Russians heard The Beatles in used x-ray scanner: in the midst of the cold war, Russia banned many things from Western culture and among these objects were the band’s vinyl records, but many people managed and kept music in the x-ray scanners of the time, and that’s how they listened the greatest hits of the band.

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