Japan recorded a trade deficit of 14,314 million euros in September

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Japan recorded a trade deficit worth 2.1 trillion yen (14,314 million euros) in September, the government reported today.

The negative balance is 25.7% lower than that registered in August, but more than three times higher than that registered in September 2021, according to data published Thursday by the Ministry of Finance.

Japanese exports increased in the ninth month of this year by 28.9% year-on-year to 8.8 trillion yen (60.27 billion euros), while imports grew by 45.9%, to 10.9 trillion yen (74.58 billion euros).

By countries, Japan registered with China, its largest trading partner, a deficit of 575,851 million yen (3,935 million euros), which is 95.1% more than that recorded a year earlier.

With the world’s leading economy and its second trading partner, the United States, the Asian country recorded a surplus of 606,940 million yen (4,148 million euros), 54.8% more year-on-year.

With the European Union, its third trading partner, Japan recorded a deficit of 183,473 million yen (1,253 million euros), which is 16% less compared to September 2021.

With Brazil, the Asian country widened its deficit by 38.6%, to 88,714 million yen (606 million euros), while in the case of the negative balance with Chile it was reduced by 11.7%, to 49,799 million yen (340 million euros).

Japan achieved, on the other hand, a trade surplus with Mexico worth 80,139 million yen (548 million euros), 51.6% more than the previous year.

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