Japan to request PCR upon landing for travelers from China

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Japan to request PCR upon landing for travelers from China

Japan announced today that it will strengthen border controls for travelers from China by requiring them, among other things, a PCR test upon landing in the face of the rapid increase in covid cases in the Asian country and after Beijing announced the end of quarantines for travelers, which opens the door for the Chinese to go abroad again.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said today that from Friday the authorities will require in Japanese airports to anyone coming from China a PCR test upon landing and that if it is positive they will be forced to keep a quarantine of seven days.

Kishida added that plans to increase air correspondence with China will be limited for the time being.

“Concern has increased in Japan, as it is difficult to understand the true extent of the situation (in China),” he said in statements collected by the Kyodo Kishida agency regarding the true circulation of the virus in the neighboring country, where authorities have recently closed street centers for PCR tests.

The measures announced by Kishida come after the Chinese government said on Monday that from January 8 those entering the country will no longer have to quarantine, a requirement that has been in force since March 2023 and whose end will allow citizens and residents of the Asian country to travel normally again.

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