Jason Momoa caught coronavirus after Dune premiere

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Jason Momoa announced on Monday that his PCR test for COVID-19 has been positive. Momoa announced the news on an Instagram post Monday, revealing that she contracted the disease some time after the premiere of Dune, in which House Atreides plays swordsman Duncan Idaho.

“I met a lot of new people in England and got ‘Aloha’ with a lot of people but who knew? But I’m fine. Thank you for the concern and love you have shown,” Mamoa said. uttered his words.

Momoa says she’s “camping” at her home. Another Instagram video shows Momoa in a good mood hanging out at home with her friend Erik Ellington, a professional skateboarder.

As Reuters reported late last monthThe UK’s COVID cases have reached their highest number since the beginning of the year, according to official statements from the UK’s Office for National Statistics. It is reported that one in every 55 British citizens experiences some symptoms of COVID-19.

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