Jason Momoa Confirms A “Friend Cops” Movie With Dave Bautista Will Come True

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What appeared to be a simple joke on Dave Bautista’s part, now could end up becoming a project 100% real. We talked about the possibility that he and Jason Momoa be the protagonists of a new “friend cops” movie style of Lethal Weapon.

It all started with a message on social media from Bautista, but it has been Momoa the one who has confirmed that there are already plans to turn the idea into a real movie. Has no title yet, but yes a series of premises that the popular actor has shared with all of us.

As reported GameSpot, the news has come through statements by Jason Momoa talking to james corden. Basically the actor said that is “Ready” heading into the new untitled movie. Here’s what Momoa had to say about how he and Bautista have gone from an idea to something else:

“Literally texted me about four days ago saying, ‘We need to make a friend cop movie.’ We love each other, we met in See. We are together in Dune. I said, ‘Absolutely. He said, ‘Let’s do it in Hawaii. And I said, ‘Let’s do it, I have an idea.’ So now we are ready. We’re making it.”.

As we anticipated, the best of all is that Momoa has already revealed some details of his ideas. Basically, they are clear about what the approach would be like and why they think it is guaranteed to work: “It is sold alone. Dave loves to wear Speedos, I love to wear shorts, both shirtless. Friend cop movie. He will be grumpy and I will be charming. Boom, it sells itself. “said the actor. I have hair, he has no hair. We have covered all the demographics. “.

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Anyway, if we go back to the tweet that Bautista published a while ago, this one said that would like Davie Leitch to direct the movie of friendly policemen. However, it is difficult to know if that is possible. In fact, Leitch is working on various projects right now. From Bullet Train, with Brad Pitt, to Fast and Loose, starring Will Smith and which will premiere on Netflix.

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