Jason Momoa’s tender reaction to his recognition on the Walk of Fame

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Excited and almost a little embarrassed: this was the reaction of Jason Momoa as soon as he knew that his name will be next to great stars in the Hollywood walk of fame where it will have its own star. The 41-year-old actor shared in the social media a video with the first impressions to find out.

From some recording studio the famous actor of productions such as “Aquaman” or “See” was recorded in the foreground, barely able to believe the news that had just been given to him. Immediately the loyal fans turned over with reactions and comments congratulating him on the new milestone in his career.

This week the names of the personalities who will go on to have their own star on the Walk of Fame were announced. According to what was reported by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the list includes personalities from film, television, music, radio, theater and sports.

That way the actor who rose to fame for his role as Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones” will join the artists who saw their names embodied on the aspiring Walk of Fame. This time the list is completed by Francis Ford Coppola, Willem Dafoe, James Hong, Helen Hunt, Regina King, Ray Liotta, Ewan McGregor, Adam McKay and Tessa Thompson in terms of the arts.

Jason Momoa he continues to add projects and challenges in his career. At the moment the sequel to “Aquaman” is about to begin with Amber Heard, a role that forever changed his life. As revealed in previous interviews, the star saw his career revived after his character in “Game of Thrones” died and was unemployed.


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