Javier Calvo reveals Feliciano López’s true identity on Mask Singer

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The popular Mask Singer show has revealed two new masks, leaving both on-set and off-set judges excited. In a fascinating turn of events, the audience’s speculations were correct, with well-known YouTuber El Rubius unmasking as the tiger. While both Ana Obregón and Mónica Naranjo wrongly predicted an athlete under the mask, the Javis were more inclined towards the artistic world, guessing Luis Fonsi or Omar Montes.

Additionally, the skeleton also revealed the unanticipated appearance of Tori Spelling, who completely stunned everyone. But it was tennis player Feliciano López, who unmasked as the skeleton, that truly surprised spectators with his failed identity guesses, which included Rafa Nadal, Carlos Moyá, and Manolo Lama. While Javier Calvo guessed him right, his companions missed the mark.

El Rubius provided various clues before unmasking, including being a pioneer and creator of video game-based content, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, his fondness for juices, and knowing Britney Spears’ lyrics. The judges failed to identify him, but the audience who had predicted his identity, were not surprised. The tiger’s unmasking was thrilling, and El Rubius expressed his excitement about the experience of the show, stating, “What’s cool about this program is that we’ve been covered up, we couldn’t talk to the driver, nobody knew who he was, that’s the magic of the program.”

Feliciano López was also thrilled with his experience and expressed his desire to participate in the show, stating that it was an unforgettable experience. The show’s success ensured that it was a dream come true for the tennis player. Meanwhile, it is still anyone’s guess for the remaining masks in competition, including Ratita, Alienígenas, Gallo, and Caballito de mar, which have reportedly confused the judges. Among the potential participants are Victoria Abril, Paula Vázquez, Lali Esposito, Isco, Sara Sálamo, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Tristán, Ana Guerra y Cepeda, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Minogue, among others. So, what’s your bet?

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