Javier Milei, the libertarian who threatens Kirchnerism in the Argentine elections this Sunday

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Argentina celebrates this Sunday its legislative elections that will define which Congress the president’s Front of All will have to deal with Alberto Fernandez in the second half of his term and taking into account that 127 of the 257 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 24 in the Senate are at stake. But in front of the president is the leader of the party Todos por el Cambio del Libertario, Javier Milei. The question we now have to ask ourselves is: who is Milei, the ultra-liberal who is cornering Kirchnerism?

The question has a clear answer in his own words: “I did not come here to lead lambs, I came to wake up lions ”. This definition of what this 51-year-old economist politician, libertarian and mass provocateur is looking for in Argentina, was born from the vision of a discourse that goes beyond the country’s own economic situation with devastating inflation. Milei has updated her speech with direct attacks on the very politicians whom she accuses of being “chaste.”

Milei is currently contesting second place in this Sunday’s parliamentary elections for the center-left ruling coalition Frente de Todos. Although the latest polls the data is really worrying for the president Alberto Fernandez.

In one of her last rallies, Milei summoned the dozens of supporters – amid unstoppable applause during her speech – to proclaim “Freedom, damn it!” among other reviews and against politicians under the announcement of being part of the «¡Political Caste!».

Electoral acts are also peculiar to this mass leader in Argentina and his words are a class from economics to a mostly young and male public, disbelieving in politics, which is flattered by this intellectual format in which books are raffled off at the end of the activity.

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Perhaps in politics it is what is needed, a bath of reality, to verify with sincerity and without beating around the bush everything that is tampered with by politics and, in this case, in a country that does not see the light after the tunnel after years of governments that they have brought him to ruin.

«Today, in Argentina there is a fairly broad socialism created by all that is the political caste. We call chaste everything that has been around for a long time and does not want to leave power » says a member of Milei’s party reflecting on the future changes that should come to Argentina.

This intrepid libertarian politician has published several books, hence his defense of culture at all costs. He also starred in a radio program on the web, Demolishing myths. For this Argentine, everything in life is a battle and in this case he will also compete against those who want to end the culture of his country.

Javier Milei is clear that “We are not going to create new taxes” and furthermore “we will never go against life, liberty or property.” Ideas that he expands by ensuring that “we are going to launch projects aimed at those who have been oppressed by the State,” he said.

Primary results

The results of the primaries anticipated that the Frente de Todos would get its hardest blow with the loss of the absolute majority in the Senate, something that would also hinder the rest of the mandate of Fernández and his vice president. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

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There are two key provinces for ‘Kirchnerism’: La Pampa and Chubut. In case of reversing the results of the PASO, Fernández de Kirchner will maintain an absolute majority of his own and a quorum -37 seats- in the Upper House. Thus, according to the Argentine newspaper ‘Ámbito’, this situation will allow to sustain initiatives such as judicial reform or modifications in the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In the event of the worst outlook for the Frente de Todos, in the event of a possible loss of five legislators for the replacement of December 10, the ruling party would have to say goodbye to the absolute majority of its own in question.

Refering to Chamber of Deputies, the Frente de Todos commanded by Máximo Kirchner and the head of the chamber, Sergio Massa, has the majority -120 seats- and has had the support of the Federal Unit for Development – six seats-.

According to the aforementioned media, in a scenario of parity of seats or some more or less in favor of the ruling party or the opposition, the Federal Unit will have less weight, but will continue to have the power to tip the balance in certain aspects, such as a quorum of 129 seats for start the sessions.

Elections at the worst time

On the other hand, hours before voters go to the polls, there are certain economic indicators that affect the image of the ruling party. The ‘blue’ dollar -eufemism used in Argentina to refer to the US dollar bought illegally- is at record highs -on Friday it was sold at 204 dollars-, the country risk registers its highest value in 14 months and inflation does not stop rising.

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“There is not a single indicator that gives good at this time,” said the director of the advisory C&T Economic Advisors, Camilo Tiscornia, to the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nación’. In his opinion, the government’s strategy of wanting to improve its opportunities by expanding fiscally from PASOs has “aggravated the problem.” “The situation of the last two months since the PASO has deteriorated a lot,” he added.

The parties closed the electoral campaign on Thursday with events in the province of Buenos Aires, a campaign that has been plagued with cross accusations, highlights ‘Clarín’. It was precisely Fernández who was in charge of leading the closing ceremony of Frente de Todos in an event in the Néstor Kirchner Park in the town of Merlo.

Since the defeat in the primaries, Fernández has been especially involved in the campaign, with numerous encounters with citizens in the Buenos Aires province, the country’s main electoral district. Fernandez de Kirchner He also attended, after there had been no postoperative complications from the scheduled hysterectomy that he had recently undergone.

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