Jay Leno apologizes to Asian community after decades of teasing

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The late night comedian and host Jay Leno has asked sorry for a series of taunts against asian communities which he performed throughout his career on The Tonight Show from 1992 to 2014.

The excuse comes thanks to a nearly 15-year campaign by the activist group Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) that criticized comments from Leno made as recently as 2020.

And it is that last year the comedian and host referred to the painting of dogs as ‘dishes from a Korean restaurant’, which for many perpetuates the stereotype that some Asian cultures consume dog meat.

In its excuse to Asian communities with MANAA leader Guy Aoki, Jay Leno He assured that when he made the remarks he genuinely believed that they were informative.

According to the comedian, the mockery was directed at ‘our enemy’ North Korea, in addition to the fact that at that time they had the idea that some group was always going to complain about some of their jokes so they did not give importance to the subject.

However, the presenter accepts that these remarks were incorrect and has asked the asian community of the United States through MANAA that excuse me after the recent controversy.

Thus, in an environment of cancellations, the comedian Jay Leno has decided to accept his mistake by asking apologies to the asian community after decades of teasing. On The Truth News We will closely follow this organization’s quest for leaving stereotypes in the past.

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