“Jaydy Michel opens up about ex Alejandro Sanz’s struggles in candid interview”

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Alejandro Sanz: Getting Through Tough Times with Support

Alejandro Sanz has been going through a significant personal bump lately, but he is not alone. Just a few days after opening up about feeling sad and tired, he and his partner of three years, Rachel Valdés, broke up. However, surrounded by the love of his loved ones and fans, Alejandro has continued his Live tour of Spain without a hitch.

Alejandro’s mother, Raquel Perera, has been a source of strength for him, encouraging him to keep pushing forward. Additionally, his ex-partner and mother of his daughter Manuela, Jaydy Michel, has also stepped up to offer her support.

Despite the difficult situation, Alejandro has remained optimistic. “Life begins every day,” he said, urging those who are struggling to keep moving forward. He also emphasized the importance of not closing oneself off and reaching out for help when needed.

Jaydy Michel, who has always had a good relationship with Alejandro, praised him for opening up about his struggles. “Not everyone tells how they feel and when someone says it is like I don’t know whether to applaud, but to thank and take it into consideration,” she said.

While Jaydy did not offer any details about Alejandro’s breakup with Rachel, she emphasized that breakups are never easy. She also commended Alejandro’s chivalry in defending Rachel against rumors circulating online.

In summary, Alejandro Sanz may be going through a difficult time, but he has a strong support system behind him. With their help, he is continuing to move forward and remain positive.

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