Jazmín Pinedo: “Being in ‘Reinas del Show’ doesn’t make me back down”

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In the midst of great expectation, Jasmine Pinedo He reappeared on TV as a participant in the dance reality show “Reinas del Show”, a program that Gisela Valcárcel hosts on América Televisión.

The popular “Chinita” emphasized that her presence on the Saturday program is not a setback in her artistic career, on the contrary, it is a new challenge on the small screen.

“I do not consider that entering reality is a setback in my career and I do not feel less. I know that I can face these challenges and those that they put me. They always make comparisons with other people and I am only five years old as a driver, I have a career ahead of me to develop. Obviously, ‘EGS’ is a very important program and important figures such as Aldo Miyashiro, Rebeca Escribns and Carlos Alcántara have passed through there ”, Jasmine indicated.

“I missed the contact with the public. I have been late to my house and I have received a number of messages, I thank you. I am excited and nervous. It is a challenge because it is not my court. I see the difficult competition, but this way it is more entertaining ”, added.

On the other hand, Jazmín said that she is doing very well in her studies, although she confessed that at first it was difficult for her to adapt.

“At the beginning I was dying of nerves, I don’t get along with technology, it has been difficult for me to adapt, but I have had super cool classmates and I have met teachers that I had at the beginning of my career. At the beginning, everything was very strange and then we entered into trust with my colleagues, if there were things that I did not understand, they taught me, they have been willing for me. They have been very respectful, ”Pinedo said, adding that he has a“ 17 ”average in his grades and that he aspires to get a scholarship. “I’m aiming at 18, for a scholarship, but I don’t want to kill myself”, he pointed.

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Finally, he specified that he maintains a good relationship with his daughter’s father, Gino Assereto, and affirmed that they are a great “team.”

“With Gino we are family. Thank God we have a beautiful relationship, a separation is not easy, nor work as a team when you are separated, but we are a great team, there is my mother, Gino’s mother, her brother (Jota Benz). We all support each other ”, remarked.

Last Saturday, Jazmín was presented by Gisela Valcárcel in the program “Reinas del Show”. The host of the Saturday space filled the popular ‘Chinita’ with praise and stated that she was “happy” to return to television.

“She is a television host, she has hosted shows, she is so young and she has done so many things. She was one of the Avengers, host of ‘Espectáculos’, host of ‘Esto es guerra’, she has resumed her advertising studies and is with us. ‘Queens of the show’ brings her back to television ”, said Gisela, who confessed that the negotiations with the artist were complex.

After her presentation in the talent reality show, the also model received the support of the public and became a trend on Twitter with the hashtag: “#Jazbrillaenreinasdelshow”.

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