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Jean Deza defends himself after having organized a meeting for his partner’s birthday | VIDEO

The program “Mujeres Al Mando” issued statements on Thursday morning that the footballer Jean Deza He offered them before being separated from the Carlos Stein club for organizing a meeting for the birthday of Gabriela Figueroa, his partner.

The controversial athlete defended himself by ensuring that the event did not last until late at night. “It was a small family reunion, lunch type, that I made for my wife for her birthday.… It was until 8 or 9 at night and from there I had to go to sleep because the next day I had to train “, he claimed.

On why there was an orquette at the party he said: “A relative of mine who lives in my house brought a surprise to my wife and there I had to make a better decision and not accept but in those moments it was a joy for her and I accepted it ”.

Deza, who recently had brief relationships with Shirley Arica and Jossmery Toledo, said that he is happy with his current partner. “I am doing well in love with her, she is a mature woman, and at work too, only a problem has occurred”, Indian.

He also revealed that they have marriage plans. “Yes, I would like to marry my partner but everything calmly, to grow in all aspects and well, we will see later”, He specified and on the possibility of being parents he pointed out: “Everything has to be planned and thank God right now we have goals together.”

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