“Jeanne du Barry Shines as Cannes’ Biggest Box Office Hit of the Decade”

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Jeanne du Barry: A Box Office Hit

The Cannes Film Festival opened with the highly anticipated film, Jeanne du Barry. Written, directed and starring Maïwenn, and co-starring Johnny Depp, the period drama was not guaranteed success. However, with Depp’s popularity and recent legal controversy, expectations for the film were high.

Box Office Success

Now, it has been revealed that Jeanne du Barry is a box office hit in France. According to the distributor Le Pacte (via The Hollywood Reporter), the film received 401,481 admissions during its first week of release. This makes it the most successful Cannes opening film in a decade, since 2013’s The Great Gatsby. The success is attributed to the presence of Depp, who was once the highest paid actor in the world with massive successes such as the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

Critical Response

The film received a seven-minute ovation which moved Depp to tears. However, the film divided critical opinions. It is yet to be seen if Jeanne du Barry will be released in the United States. Some critics speculate that controversies surrounding Depp and Maïwenn may be a factor in this decision.

Controversies Surrounding Depp and Maïwenn

Despite winning a libel suit against Amber Heard, Depp’s reputation remains tarnished in his country of origin. The separation between Depp and Heard was messy and public with accusations on both sides. Heard’s career collapsed after the court found in favor of The Sun newspaper, which labelled Depp as a “wife beater.”

Maïwenn, on the other hand, is known for being critical of the #MeToo movement and was recently accused of assaulting journalist Edwy Plenel. Plenel had published an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against filmmaker Luc Besson, Maïwenn’s ex-husband.

Unequal Criticism

It is intriguing how differing opinions are brought to light when it comes to male versus female celebrities. Depp’s libel suit victory against Heard does not excuse the allegations made against him, while Maïwenn’s alleged assault could prevent the release of her film. This highlights the unequal criticism faced by men and women in the public eye.

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