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Jeannie Mai & Daughter Monaco’s Adorable Matching Pastels on Golf Trip

Jeannie Mai and her daughter Monaco not only proved they’re the sweetest mother-daughter duo, but they’re also one of the most stylish!

On July 7, Mai shared a series of videos, photos, and more of her and her daughter Monaco’s mommy-daughter day. She shared the sweet clips with the caption simply reading, “Victorious 🏆.”

First, we see a picture of Mai looking so gorgeous as she golfs in a silky, pastel-colored set, and then we get so many adorable photos of her with her baby girl having the best day together. Then, we see the literal sweetest video of Mai teaching her daughter Monaco how to golf. She shows her the ropes, and Monaco gets that ball flying! Not only is Mai cheering on her mini-me, but so is everyone else (and Monaco looks as happy as can be)!

Along with that, we see pics of Monaco and Mai in matching pastel looks that are perfect for summertime. We see Mai twirling with Monaco, walking around together, clapping, and posing for the camera!

We love their summer adventures, and this one may be the sweetest!
Jeannie Mai. Photo By: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection.

For those who don’t know, back in Jan. 2022, Mai and her ex-husband Jeezy welcomed their daughter Monaco Mai-Jenkins into the world.

Mai told EOnline in a previous interview on April 2024, “I’m having a really good time soaking in my intimacy. I’m not gonna lie, Monaco takes full front seat in my life. She’s 1,000 percent my priority and my schedule. But I’m learning how to position myself so that I get what I need as well.”

Source: Particle News