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Jeannie Mai Shares Adorable Videos of Daughter Monaco & Her ‘Baby Bestie’

There’s something so special about childhood friendships. They’re so loving, wholesome, and free of drama and judgment. And so our hearts instantly melted when we saw Jeannie Mai post videos of her 2-year-old daughter Monaco playing with one of her little friends.

In the first video in the carousel, we see Monaco — who Mai shares with ex-husband Jeezy — firmly hugging her friend. She won’t let them go, even as they start to stumble around. When they do eventually push apart (personal space!), they quickly go back for another hug.

“Mommies, aunties, and baby besties.. oh Mai 🫂✨,” the TV personality captioned the post.

In a later video, we see the two best buds jumping around on a party bus, having the time of their lives while someone chants, “Go Coco! Go Coco!” And in the last video — which was set to Dionne Warwick’s “That’s What Friends Are For” — the two lean on a bench at the foot of a bed and chat before going in for (you guessed it) another hug.
Jeannie Mai Jenkins at arrivals, 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA, United States, January 7, 2024

Followers were so here for the precious friends. “They’re best buddies!! Beautiful babies! 😍🥰” “They staying showing so much love to each other. Cute babiesss 😍” “Children are so Beautiful & Innocent!🫶🏾” “The Babies talking at the end was the icing on the cake 😍”

It really was! Because who knows what they were talking about? Even if it was something trivial, it looked like they were taking the other person so seriously, and we envy that kind of meaningful connection.

Last week, Mai captured the sweetest video of Monaco playing with a cute friend who now barely holds a candle to Monaco and her baby bestie. In the footage, the toddler feeds a rabbit while saying, “Hi bunny! Hello!” When the furry friend hops away, Coco is not deterred, following right along. “Mannn I love Coco! She’s not scared of anything 😍,” one follower said. Not afraid of making new friends (human or otherwise) and not afraid of showing her affection.

Source: Particle News