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Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Hand-in-Hand at 'Summer Camp for Billionaires'

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Hand-in-Hand at ‘Summer Camp for Billionaires’

It’s time for investment firm Allen & Co’s annual Sun Valley Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, a retreat for many of the world’s wealthiest to bond over recreational activities while they talk shop.

Many tech billionaires and CEOs have already started to arrive for the weeklong retreat, slated this year from July 9-13, and among the latest arrivals are power couple Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez.

The pair were spotted in the area heading to the conference, walking hand-in-hand while they were at it, and were dressed appropriately chic for the occasion.

Jeff, 60, wore a black zip-up vest over a matching muscle tee and jeans paired with black dress shoes, while Lauren, 54, opted for an off-white knit cardigan, a nude bandeau underneath, and a white knit mini skirt with a gold hem.

Both also wore sunglasses, and Lauren carried a baby pink bag. She also sported a name tag on her cardigan. Others who have been spotted at the conference so far include Diane Von Furstenberg, Josh Kushner and wife Karlie Kloss, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bob Iger, Tim Cook, Sam Altman, Bill Gates, and many more.

Very few members outside of the invited group of the elite in the media, finance, technology, and political spheres are usually spotted, although among the press, Anderson Cooper and Gayle King were both also seen in attendance this year.

Dubbed the “summer camp for billionaires,” the Sun Valley Conference has taken place since the 1980s and has become a hotspot for the rich to mingle and, sometimes, even make business propositions among the hillside retreat.

The topics for discussion at the conference are kept a secret, to the extent that even members of the media are told to keep conversations off the record while engaging in activities such as hiking, golfing, and rafting.

Variety released a report containing an apparent guest list for this year’s conference, with the most notable omissions from the list being Warren Buffett and the controversial Elon Musk. Oprah Winfrey is also listed among the invited, as is Salma Hayek’s husband and new CAA owner François-Henri Pinault (although it is not confirmed whether they will in fact attend).

In a recent interview with her close friend Eva Longoria for The Hollywood Reporter, Lauren spoke about her and Jeff’s shared passion for philanthropy and charitable efforts, an apparent topic of conversation at the Conference, and finding ways to focus on specific causes.

“Jeff is extremely focused, as you can imagine. We really look for organizations that are not only addressing urgent issues but also have a clear, impactful plan for making a difference. That’s important,” she explained.

“We’re prioritizing areas where we can help drive a systematic change — it’s about making these thoughtful, informed decisions to ensure that the contributions will have the greatest impact. And that really kind of sums up our philosophy, I would say, in a nutshell.”

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