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Jeff Lewis Criticizes Sonja Morgan for Coming After Him During WWHL Taping

Jeff Lewis Criticizes Sonja Morgan for Coming After Him During WWHL Taping

‘Flipping Out’ alum Jeff Lewis lays into Sonja Morgan about their joint appearance on the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ 15th anniversary special, saying the ‘Real Housewives of New York’ alum’s “drunk behavior” was “20 times worse” than what aired.

Jeff Lewis, known for his candid moments on Watch What Happens Live , often directs his frustrations at the show’s host, Andy Cohen. However, during the 15th anniversary special, it was Sonja Morgan who truly ruffled his feathers.

The Flipping Out star hinted at his annoyance during the event but elaborated further on his radio show, revealing he was “very annoyed” by Morgan. He noted that the crew had to edit out much of her “obnoxious, drunk behavior,” implying that the actual situation was much worse.

“She never stopped talking. She was belligerent, rude, and disrespectful. She was confrontational and came for me during the break,” Lewis expressed on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live . TooFab has reached out to Bravo and Morgan’s representatives for a response.

During the break, Morgan apparently told Lewis, “I only hate one other person more than you.” She also demanded he apologize to Teresa Giudice for his earlier remarks. This moment made it to the final broadcast, with Giudice accusing him of insincerity.

“Well, he was saying sorry to me because he said something,” Giudice said. “But it’s like, if you didn’t mean it, I don’t know why you said it.” Lewis reiterated that he was genuinely sorry.

The reason behind Lewis’ apology wasn’t disclosed on WWHL , but Us Weekly suggests it stemmed from comments he made on the Two T’s in a Pod podcast in May.

During that podcast, Lewis answered a question from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Teddi Mellencamp and Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge about who he’d be more inclined to fire.

“I think I’d probably let Teresa go,” Lewis replied in May.

“Good luck to you on social media,” Mellencamp responded.

“Oh, is that not good? Oh, I don’t even know. Is that a problem? It’s just my opinion.”

This all happened amidst the turmoil within The Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise, which saw its Season 14 reunion aborted due to tense cast relationships, particularly the ongoing feud between sisters-in-law, effectively derailing the show.

Teresa Giudice shared that she believed her ex-husband Joe Giudice had cheated on her during their marriage.

Returning to Lewis, it’s evident his frustration with Morgan on the special overshadowed the confrontation with Giudice. “Here I am celebrating 15 years with my good friend Andy Cohen, having the best time,” Lewis recounted. “And I got this woman coming for me — accusing me of something I don’t recall and don’t think I did.”

He added that Morgan confronted him backstage after the taping, but executives had to pull her away. Reflecting on the incident, Lewis concluded, “There is a point in time where it’s not funny anymore, and I think she has to clean up her act.”

Source: TooFab, Us Weekly