Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan on The Walking Dead, declared his love to an actress from La Casa de Papel

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Series like The Money Heist They are not only a trend among ordinary spectators, who work during the week and their breaks consist of turning on the television to watch Netflix. There are celebrities who follow each of the show episodes like the one created by Alex Pina, among which one of the figures of The Walking Dead. Is about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, known for bringing life to Negan and el show the zombies.

On September 3, The Money Heist returned to the screen of Netflix with the first half of its fifth and final season. For many, the episodes released a month ago barely lasted a weekend. For Jeffrey Dean Morgan the viewing was much slower and he still seems to be watching it. At least that is how it is understood by the posting made over the weekend.

In your account Twitter, Morgan praised the work of one of the actresses in the series. Is about Najwa Nimri, recent incorporation of The Money Heist to give life to Alicia sierra. “I was looking The Money Heist, always good, with a great cast “, asserted Morgan, to later highlight: “But Najwa Nimri broke down the doors this season. Seeing her was a damn wonder “.

The first half of the last season of The Money Heist featured a total of 5 episodes. The second volume will be released by Netflix on December 3, with which they will put an end to this series created in 2017. During the event TUDUM, the platform shared a trailer in which it is seen Palermo forcing his companions to remove the gold from the bank.

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The Professor was close to being played by another actor

Although today it is impossible to think about The teacher and not do it with the face of Alvaro Death, luck could have been different. Before thinking about Death, Pina imagined that the ideologue, the mastermind of The Money Heist, could be interpreted by Javier Gutierrez. Fortunately for Alvaro (and perhaps from the fans), the production could not agree to its participation and had to be discarded.

Gutierrez he told in an interview in The Hormiguero that the problem was not that he did not like the series. After reading the pilot of the show, he had to resign his participation because he had signed a contract with another filming. Is about Champions, a film about a team of basketball players with Down syndrome. The latter was substantial for Gutierrez, who said that he took the role because he has a son with this syndrome.

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