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Jelly Roll's Bold Statement About Taylor Swift

Jelly Roll’s Bold Statement About Taylor Swift

Jelly Roll is not shy about expressing his admiration for Taylor Swift. The country singer recently shared his thoughts about the pop star, specifically commending her philanthropic efforts in Nashville, Tennessee.

In a conversation with CMT, which was shared on TikTok on July 3, the “Wild Ones” artist detailed his encounter with Swift and spoke about what he appreciates most about her. “I’m a fly on a bull’s butt compared to Taylor Swift,” he joked. “But for her to come over and just say ‘Hi’… you know, she’s proudly from Nashville, and I love her philanthropic efforts in Nashville.”

The “Tortured Poets Department” hitmaker, born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, moved to Nashville when she was around 14. The city evidently holds a special place in her heart.

Jelly Roll continued, adding that he has personally experienced some of Swift’s charitable contributions. “I’ve pushed my daughter on a swing set she built for the kids in Hendersonville before, so it was really cool to just get to tell her that.”

Fans in the comments praised Jelly Roll’s kind nature and expressed their desire for a collaboration between the two artists. One fan said, “Jelly is my favorite country star and person on TikTok so positive and accomplished with all his roadblocks smashed,” while another added, “He is so kind. I’ve never heard him really say anything negative.” A third fan chimed in, “I am here for Taylor to do a collaboration with Jelly like she did with Post Malone.”

Whether a collaboration between Jelly Roll and Taylor Swift will happen is still uncertain, but many fans are hopeful it will become a reality.

Source: Particle News