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Jelly Roll's Heartbreaking Words on His Mother-in-Law's Death

Jelly Roll’s Heartbreaking Words on His Mother-in-Law’s Death

In the year leading up to her mother’s death on November 3, 2022, Jelly Roll’s wife brought her to their home state so Vanessa could receive medical treatment. This experience allowed Roll and Bunnie Xo to bring both of their moms together. Roll shared a snippet of the meeting between Bunnie’s mother and his own on Instagram, expressing how proud he was of Bunnie. “My wife is the strongest human I have ever encountered,” he captioned the post.

Roll praised his wife’s ability to always seek out the positive in every situation, despite the hurt she has endured. “Her heart never ceases to amaze me and her ability to find the silver lining and the lesson in every turn,” he remarked. Despite Vanessa’s complicated past and the trauma she had caused Bunnie, Roll also recognized the good in her. “This is a sweet woman, by the way, I think the world of her, too,” he mentioned on the “Dumb Blonde” podcast.

Vanessa’s death affected Bunnie more profoundly than she had anticipated. “No matter how bulletproof I think I am, losing a parent was harder than expected,” she wrote on Instagram. Fortunately, she had Roll by her side, allowing her to be vulnerable without pretending to be OK. “I didn’t want to be strong & he made sure I didn’t have to be. Thank you punkinpieangelface,” she said.

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