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Jelly Roll’s Top Two Favorite Things About Canada

This week marked a monumental achievement for Jelly Roll, as he played his first-ever international shows in Canada. For Jelly Roll, touring outside the U.S. has been particularly challenging due to his past felony conviction, which made obtaining a U.S. passport and securing entry into other countries a difficult task.

Despite the obstacles, Jelly Roll was able to overcome the logistics and red tape involved. As he finally performed in Canada this week, he made the most of his time by embracing the local culture. During one of his concerts, he shared his initial impressions with the audience.

“Technically this week is officially my international debut,” he said excitedly. “Everything’s been great. Cover the kids’ ears, but the weed has been incredible. And the people have been great. I mean, I never had poutine until yesterday. I went to Smoke’s Poutinerie. It was fire. I’m sorry I was late to the party, but I will take it home and make it tradition to throw gravy on my fries. It was fire.”

In Toronto, Ontario, Jelly Roll had a special surprise for his fans to celebrate his first Canadian tour. He invited A.J. McLean from the Backstreet Boys to join him on stage, and together, they delivered a duet performance of “I Want It That Way.”

The journey to international performances wasn’t easy for Jelly Roll. His history as a convicted felon complicated his travel plans. He was arrested for aggravated robbery at 16, leading to a felony charge that continues to impact both his personal and professional life. Tennessee, where he was convicted, has a zero-forgiveness policy for felons. As a result, even though Jelly Roll served his time, the conviction remains on his record.

This conviction not only complicated his tour plans but also led to other setbacks, such as losing out on purchasing a dream house in a gated community with a golf course. Despite these hurdles, Jelly Roll managed to get the necessary paperwork to travel outside of the United States, allowing him to schedule Canadian shows as part of his 2024 Beautifully Broken Tour.

His story is a testament to perseverance. The fact that he finally played international shows is a significant milestone, and the warm reception he received in Canada only added to the achievement. The Canadian shows are a hopeful beginning for more international performances in the future, representing a turning point in his career.

As Jelly Roll continues his Beautifully Broken Tour, his fans can expect more engaging performances. The tour follows an already busy 2023 for the artist, who has become well-known for his energetic live shows and relatable lyrics. The energy and enthusiasm he brings to each performance leave a lasting impression on audiences, further solidifying his place in the music world.

This week’s Canadian shows were not just concerts; they were celebrations of how far Jelly Roll has come. Playing internationally marks a new chapter for him, one that could include more countries and diverse crowds. It’s a significant step that brings him closer to his fans worldwide, despite the challenges his past has presented.

As his Beautifully Broken Tour continues into 2024, fans will no doubt be eagerly awaiting his performances, both in the U.S. and beyond. With the warm reception in Canada setting a positive precedent, Jelly Roll’s international debut is only the beginning of an exciting new journey.

Source: Carena Liptak, Taste of Country – Rob Carroll, Gallery Credit