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Jenna Dewan’s Daughter Everly Proves She’s the Best Big Sister to Rhiannon

Jenna Dewan’s daughters seem to share a special bond, and a recent video captures the joy and excitement of her daughter Everly as she embraces her role as big sister to her newborn sister, Rhiannon.

On June 26, Dewan gave her fans a sweet update on her growing family of five. She shared an adorable video on her Instagram stories, with clips later obtained by People, showcasing Everly’s loving interaction with her little sister, Rhiannon.

In the heartwarming video, Everly can be seen snuggling close to Rhiannon, gently kissing her on the forehead. The newborn, comfortably swaddled in a cream blanket, is peacefully asleep, entirely unaware of the tender moment she’s sharing with her big sister. Everly’s protective and nurturing behavior is evident as she holds her baby sister close.

This touching moment highlights the strong bond between the siblings, one that is already heart-melting and sure to grow even stronger. Fans of Dewan have always known Everly to be a caring and devoted sister to her younger brother, Callum, and now, she’s extending that same love to Rhiannon.
Jenna Dewan. Photo By: Dee Cercone/Everett Collection.

For those unfamiliar with Dewan’s family, she and her ex-husband Channing Tatum welcomed their daughter Everly on May 31, 2013. Later, she and her fiancé Steve Kazee welcomed their son Callum on March 6, 2020. Most recently, on June 2024, Dewan and Kazee celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Rhiannon Lee Kathryn Kazee. Dewan shared her birth journey on Instagram, captioning the post with, “… & our family is now whole 🤍.”

In a previous interview with SheKnows, Dewan discussed the importance of teaching her children about managing their emotions and understanding personal boundaries. She emphasized the significance of empowering her kids to realize they have control over their own bodies and can assert their right to say no.

Dewan explained, “You are in control of yourself and your body. You get to say no.” She also highlighted the role of nurturing her children’s passions, stating, “Facilitating and supporting [those passions] creates so much self-esteem and confidence. That’s what dance was for me as a kid, and it helped me channel my emotion.”

The video of Everly and Rhiannon exemplifies Dewan’s commitment to fostering a loving and supportive environment for her children. As Everly continues to embrace her role as a big sister, it’s clear that she is learning and applying the values her mother has instilled in her.

As fans continue to follow Dewan’s journey, it’s evident that her family is filled with love, compassion, and mutual respect. The joy and closeness shared among the siblings is a testament to the positive and nurturing upbringing they are receiving.

Source: People, SheKnows